About the company

The roots of our company reach back to 1991. We offer solutions in the field of machine locksmithing and toolmaking. Our top priority is high-quality locksmithing and toolmaking and the satisfaction of our clients. This involves a wide spectrum of services, drawing on all our long years of experience. Over this period our work has met even the most difficult challenges.


The company aims to offer quality products which exceed the expectations of our clients, so building strong business relationships. We work to both strengthen relationships with existing clients and to establish relationships with new business partners. We are now focused on increasing our production programme’s activity in foreign markets.

The market’s demands are always changing; we closely follow new toolmaking and locksmithing trends.


The main activities of the company are metalworking and metal shaping. We achieve the highest standards in metalworking through innovation, development and harnessing the latest equipment. We construct, design, develop and create quality products.

  • welding (iron, stainless steel)

  • bending

  • cutting of sheet metal, pipes, etc.

  • milling – computer numerical control (CNC) and classic

  • turning – CNC and classic

  • flat grinding

  • deep drilling

  • mounting and maintenance

  • punching holes

  • CNC laser cutting of sheet metal