izdelava kovinskih konstrukcij


We produce various metal products and semi manufactures. These include a wide range of carts, pallets and constructions for our clients. We also design, produce and mount a catalogue of welded workpieces for industry, indoor and outdoor metal constructions (fences, stairs, and doors), projecting roofs and other products, on request.

vrtanje in brušenje izdelkov


We produce and complete products with computer numerical control (CNC) and classic milling as well as both CNC and classic turning. Milling and turning is done using a precise and professional approach and with the highest quality machines. We also offer deep drilling and flat grinding.

izdelava in razvoj strojev


We build many machines and devices from scratch to meet the special needs and wishes of our clients. We develop, design and produce them in-house until the final product is delivered. They are rigorously tested to ensure they are of the highest standard.

About the company

The company aims to offer quality products which exceed the expectations of our clients, so building strong business relationships. We work to both strengthen relationships with existing clients and to establish relationships with new business partners. We are now focused on increasing our production programme’s activity in foreign markets.

The market’s demands are always changing; we closely follow new toolmaking and locksmithing trends.

The main activities of the company are metalworking and metal shaping. We achieve the highest standards in metalworking through innovation, development and harnessing the latest equipment. We construct, design, develop and create quality products. And we also complete semimanufactures and perform individual metal processing procedures. These include:

- welding (iron, stainless steel)
- bending
- cutting of sheet metal, pipes, etc.
- milling – computer numerical control (CNC) and classic
- turning – CNC and classic
- flat grinding

- deep drilling - mounting and maintenance
- punching holes
- CNC laser cutting of sheet metal